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Zuppa di Pesce Pronta

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Gusto di Mare in Tavola

Fish soup, or “zuppa di pesce”, contains all tastes from the sea. Perfect for whoever loves seafood.

The choice of the highest quality ingredient, dedicated love during the preparation of each single condiment and creativity in mixing flavours, make Condipresto a unique and appropriate dish for any occasion.

All ingredients are selected with maximum care. Procedures are respected in terms of time and manner during cooking. Freezing is based on certified and qualified processes in order to grant the maximum in flavour and taste.


Cod fish fillet, squid, shelled and shelled-on mussels, shelled-on clams, shrimp tail, tomato, ready condiment: (extra virgin olive oil, onion, garlic, spices: Chili pepper)

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With Condipresto you will always find the solution for your meal. In a few minutes you are able to cook a tasty dish that is full of condiments. When you have no time or you have unexpected guests, Condipresto will help you in the kitchen, such as in the restaurant. Moreover, you can choose many different condiments, one better than another!

How to prepare


Pour the frozen contents from the package into a suitable pan, add two tablespoons of quality extra virgin olive oil. Cover with lid and cook on a medium heat for approximately 10 minute or until it reaches the texture desired. During the cooking pay attention that the product does not stick to the pan and blend carefully.

Gluten Free

Senza glutine - gluten free

Condipresto products which are ready to pan-fry - are gluten-free labeled. This means that all celiacs can eat our Condipresto. We guarantee the absence of ingredients derived from cereals containing gluten, and also the absence of possible sources of contamination during processing.

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