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Cozze alla Marinara

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Cozze alla Marinara

Mussels in tomato sauce with chopped tomatoes.

Now a staple of Italian mealtimes, the Condipresto sauce is prepared from scratch on site, using just natural ingredients and following our traditional recipe. And because we care about the details, only the finest seafood and the highest quality ingredients are sourced for our products.

The product is available also in 350gr.
The product is available with the ASC certification upon request


ASC - Chain of Custody Certificate - Cert nr : ASC - C - 01587


INGREDIENTS: Chilean blue mussels without shell (Mytilus chilensis), Chilean blue mussels with shell (Mytilus chilensis); water, tomato, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, salt, natural flavoring, parsley, onion, garlic, chili pepper; Clams: clams with shell (Meretrix Lyrata). It contains: fish, mollusks, crustaceans. It may contain traces of sulfites in white wine. The product is GLUTEN FREE.


Consistently delicious but never the same: your experience depends on what you serve it with, whether it’s pasta, rice, gnocchi, or something else. Ready in just eight minutes, it is quickly ready to serve and on your dining table..

We understand that sometimes that time is tight, or maybe you have unexpected guests. That’s where Condipresto comes in, helping with the cooking and ensuring your meal is an indisputable success!

How to prepare


Boil 250 grams of pasta in salt water. Then pour the frozen contents from the package into a pan, cover with lid for approximately first 4 minutes.


Finish cooking on a medium heat for a further 4 minutes approximately, without lid, stirring occasionally.


Drain the al dente pasta and pour it into the same pan as the condiment.


Pan-fry everything on a high flame for about one minute and mix well.

Gluten Free

Senza glutine - gluten free

All Condipresto products are gluten-free. This means that celiacs can eat everything from our Condipresto line. Furthermore we can guarantee the absence of ingredients derived from cereals containing gluten, and also the absence of possible sources of contamination during processing.

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