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Chickpea Shrimps and Squids. Ready to eat fish soup for a delicious and complete dish.

The seamen’s delicious fish soup

Boil 50-60 grams of tiny pasta (“dadolini” or “quadrelli”) in salt water. Then drain the tiny pasta and pour it into the same pan as the condiment ( chickpea, shrimps and squids) and pan-fry everything for about one minute on a low flame.

You can also drain the al dente pasta into the pan with the frozen contents directly. In this case add 250 ml of water, in the amount of a glass of water, cook in a low flame, cover with lid until the end of the cooking time of the tiny pasta.


Bio chickpea 40%, water, shelled shrimps 14% ( pacific shrimp and/or indo-pacific shrimp and/or atlantic shrimp), squids 10% ( austral squids and/or atlantic squid) , tomato, sunflower, white wine, extra virgin olive oil, onion, fish soup (maltodestrine, yeast extract, natural flavor, seafood, salt), garlic, salt, rosemary, natural flavors, spices: chili pepper.

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Starbene con Gusto

Dall’esperienza di oltre 50 anni e dal successo degli originali ed inimitabili CondiPresto nasce questa nuova linea di bontà, dove la scelta dei migliori prodotti della terra incontrano quelli del mare per darti qualcosa di unico e speciale, con tante proprietà naturali, per un pasto completo ed una alimentazione salutare ed appetitosa.

How to prepare


Pour the frozen contents from the package into a pan on a medium heat / high flame, add 150 ml (gr) of water in the amount of a glass of water, cover with lid and cook for approximately 7-8 minutes, stirring occasionally. The dish can be served with bread cut into cubes and toasted in an oven or in a frying pan.

Gluten Free

Senza glutine - gluten free

All Condipresto products are gluten-free. This means that celiacs can eat everything from our Condipresto line. Furthermore we can guarantee the absence of ingredients derived from cereals containing gluten, and also the absence of possible sources of contamination during processing.

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